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  • Happy Friday! 🎉
What are your plans for the last weekend of February? 
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  • 🐻🐻🐻 Repost from @thisisjules: "If you’re a bear, I’m a bear 🐻☺️ • Oscar is such a good eater, most of the time. He’ll try anything and everything and while he’ll request chocolate more often than I’d like - he also asks for salmon and sushi regularly! Quite the refined palate! 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 it gives us peace of mind to know that he’s getting the vitamins he needs thanks to @vitabiotics #WellBaby #vitabiotics"
  • Repost from @laurencrowe88: "On a major quest to be radiant and have hair to my bum for summer.... pulling out all the stops with @vitabiotics #Vitabiotics #FindYourPerfectil @vitabiotics #ad
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  • Repost from @emilyfredasharp: "I've really wanted to get Flynn more involved in the magic making I've been trying out recently, so I thought I'd channel inspiration from his favourite #Superdog vitamins by @Vitabiotics. The idea of Flynn being a superdog got me thinking of little Laika, the Russian spacedog. Inspired by @allthatisshe's #scenefromtheceiling and @sienna.and.i's #mymagicmatress, we set the scene and Flynn patiently posed, taking one giant leap for dogkind. #ad #vitabiotics"
  • Happy Monday! Start your day with a healthy breakfast and don't forget to have your five-a-day!
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Repost from @saraandcatherinestales: "Most of our breakfasts are consumed on a bare table (no tablecloth), with mismatched plastic plates and they are surely not a pretty sight. However, we have the so called “slow mornings” when Catherine is off from nursery and we enjoy the time together. Those bear pancakes were a win: easy and fun to make, they were a very appreciated little treat indeed. We always make sure to boost our vitamin intake with @vitabiotics #wellkids to maintain a healthy balance. #ad"
  • Happy #ValentinesDay! If you’re not working today, why not take your other half out for a nice lunch? 💕💕
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  • Feeling romantic? Start your Valentine's Day with a nice breakfast with your other half and some #Energy! ⚡️💕💕 Use the promo code VALENTINES18 to have 20% off our Wellwoman & Wellman Energy products!
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  • Repost from @thevisionist: "A guide to table manners with @Vitabiotics on this Valentine's Day. Having to cope with 2 businesses and a hyperactive friend, I definitely need more energy before my date with my love one on this Valentine's Day. But first, I think I still need to teach @thefurrist to have better table manner for his date?! #Vitabiotics #Wellman #EmbraceEnergy #ad"
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  • Repost from @thisisjules: "Me & him, like this forever ❤️ all the cliches about motherhood are true. Everything’s a phase. The days are long but the years are short. It just keeps getting better. Truth. All of it! And that last one describes exactly what I feel about toddlerhood, because this stage with Oscar is my absolute favourite!! He is such a joy. The best company. Funny, intuitive, clever, mischievous, stubborn & so affectionate. His sweet and hilarious chat bowls me over on a daily basis. I find myself asking - how can it possibly get better than this? But am assured by others to just trust, as it does! • we’ve been making sure Oscar gets the vitamins he needs with @vitabiotics #WellBaby. Its liquid form makes it super easy to take and like brushing his teeth it’s become a part of his everyday routine. #vitabiotics"
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